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Residential Outdoor Furnaces

We offer residential and commercial heating and cooling service in PA, MD, DE and NJ.


24/7 Service is available for all types of heating and cooling urgent assistance.

At TM Heating & Cooling we offer Furnaces that are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other.  


Much hotter temperatures for proper combustion.


Hotter temperatures allow for the most complete combustion within any conventional boiler.


Hotter combustion temperatures eliminate creosote, moisture and their damaging effects.


More complete combustion means a cleaner and more efficient burn.


Hotter combustion temperatures equal a dryer, longer-lasting outdoor wood boiler.


Clean burning efficiency without the extra cost Of EPA wood gasification boilers

We believe that quality work should be accompanied by a reasonable price and great product. 

Shaker Grate Coal Water Furnace - Ultimizer Series

 Shaker Grate Coal Water Furnace - Ultimizer Series

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